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Control is a good thing - Controlling is better.

Controllers are like pilots – pilots for companies. Using facts, figures, and data, they develop the basis of decision-making. Transparency is the key to success. Only those understanding themselves and their environment can make correct decisions.

We prefer the balanced approach to Controlling. This means: facts and figures need to be interpreted not only at the financial level, but also in the areas of personnel, development, processes, technology, as well as customers and sales.

Controlling means setting targets, and creating clear target scales. The constant target / actual comparison leads to discrepancies that need to be analysed. The variance analysis provides evidence of abuses. Targeted measures lead to price correction countermeasures. Via forecasts, a projection of the expected economic impact of counter-control measures can be produced at any time.

For entrepreneurs, shareholders, and investors a plausible business plan – in addition to the persuasive power of the initiators – is the main basis for supervision.

Controllers love transparency – transparency is our business.

  • Corporate planning, liquidity, investment, accounting and financial planning
  • Current reporting to management, shareholders and lenders
  • Launching and monitoring strategic and operational measures
  • Design and optimization of cost accounting and cost calculation
  • Structuring and cost analysis of profit centers and areas
  • Strategic decision-making through transparency

Controlling draws on the ongoing accounting figures. In combination with the performance of our tax office we have a SME oriented package of services desinged just for you.