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In cooperation with Spitz Controller GmbH

Our services:

  • Initial analysis of the crisis stage, determination of the debt service capacity and preparation of a liquidity forecast
  • Preparation of continuation prognoses and reorganisation concepts
  • Preparation of corporate planning
  • Advice on strategic measures such as plant shutdowns, partial plant sales, spin-offs, plant closures, sale of non-essential assets, liquidation scenarios, etc.
  • Examination of participation options for the rescue of companies in crisis
  • Controlling incl. reporting for financiers and shareholders incl. reporting in the restructuring and crisis period
  • Interim Management

The team of Spitz Controller GmbH

The Spitz Controller GmbH team consists of proven experts with many years of expertise and comprehensive practical experience.


Georg Spitz

Georg Spitz, tax advisor

Owner of Spitz Wirtschafts- & Steuerberatung and various holdings as well as various advisory and supervisory board mandates

  • Dipl. business economist (FH), tax consultant, dipl. controller (CA), REFA, value analyst (VDI)
  • real estate expert and investor
  • tax and company law
  • controlling and reporting
  • cost accounting and calculation
  • expertises (reorganisation expertises, company value expertises)
Wolfgang Ritter

Wolfgang Ritter

Dipl.-Betriebswirt (FH), sworn auditor, tax consultant, TQM coach, EFQM analyst, lecturer and lecturer (among other things for reorganisation management

  • liquidity planning, crisis management and emergency measures
  • corporate planning, financial planning, earnings planning, asset planning
  • rehabilitation concepts and continuation forecasts
  • strategic consulting
  • controlling and cost accounting
  • company evaluation
Klaus Schindlbeck

Klaus Schindlbeck

Dipl.-Kfm. with international experience background

  • controller, commercial director, CFO and CEO in various industries
  • strategy & business unit planning
  • organizational Development & Change Management
  • management consulting (restructuring, growth, financing)
  • company succession & transaction management (structuring, due diligence, negotiations)
  • interim management
Michael Vogel

Michael Vogel

Lawyer, business economist (IWW), savings bank clerk

  • employed in the legal department of a large savings bank
  • many years of experience as managing director of medium-sized companies
  • medium-sized business & management consultant since 2007
  • Chief Operating Officer of a cooperative society
  • controlling
  • restructuring
  • interim management


Erwin Koppold

Erwin Koppold

Many years of expertise as managing director of medium-sized companies, property development and construction holding companies and closed-end real estate funds as well as interim manager with powers of attorney from insolvency administrators in a wide range of industries.

  • liquidity planning/management
  • order analysis & control
  • customer/client & supplier negotiations
  • employee motivation & leadership
Marian Gleu

Marian Gleu

Dipl.-Kfm. with project experience as head of finance and controlling in international group companies & SMEs in the ATV, BAU, MED sectors
-Budgeting & liquidity management

  • cost accounting & controlling
  • Personnel development & change management under digital challenges
  • Leadership of agile project teams / Scrum
  • Risk Management & Guarantees
Dr. Wolfgang Nießen

Dr. Wolfgang Nießen

Dipl.-Kfm., longtime controller and commercial manager of various companies in the fields of construction supply and mechanical engineering

  • business plan preparation
  • company acquisitions, company sales
  • company succession consulting
  • financing advice
  • company evaluation
Dr. Frank Bescherer

Dr. Frank Bescherer

Industrial engineer at the junction between technology and controlling

  • company management & entrepreneurship
  • innovation management & digitization
  • distribution - B2B & B2C
  • e-commerce
  • commercial property trading