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Annual Financial Statements


Every company, every entrepreneur, every club and every other asset is required to determine its net income and, if necessary, its assets at the end of the year. Many according to commercial law - all according to the tax regulations.

Depending on the legal form and size of the company, a large number of annual financial statements are required, starting with a revenue surplus statement, balance sheet and income statements, up to extensive audited annual financial statements with management reports, notes and cash flow statements.

We prepare annual financial statements from the financial accounting we maintain as well as from the accounting data provided by our clients.

In the case of annual financial statements, clients can choose the required service:

  • annual financial statements without audit procedures (standard for non-auditing companies),
  • annual accounts with plausibility actions,
  • annual accounts with voluntary examination, or
  • financial statements with subsequent compulsory examination by an auditor (cooperation partner)

As a rule, the preparation of the annual financial statements also includes the preparation of the tax balance sheet or a tax reconciliation statement as well as any additional and special balance sheets of the partners of partnerships necessary. In addition, we create the so-called e-balance sheet and submit it electronically to the tax office. For companies subject to disclosure, we publish the necessary mandatory information in the commercial register.