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Tax advice and tax planning

Tax adviceTax advice is much more than the correct completion of a tax return. Above all, it is about considering how an economic goal can be achieved while maintaining an optimum balance between opportunities, risks and tax burdens. Good tax advice is tax planning on a high level and takes into account all aspects of sustainable asset building.

Understanding the wishes and needs of our client is our first and foremost concern. In our opinion, not the saving of taxes, but the increase of yielding assets and thus of passive income should be the objective of good tax advice. The design of economic, financial, legal and tax aspects is the core element of the consultation.

The choice of the appropriate corporate form or the early direction of succession can be mentioned as an example. The question of whether the withdrawal of a shareholder from a company or the purchase of an operating property leads to detrimental tax effects are classic questions of the formative tax advice. But also the mere anticipatory planning of expected tax payments, the adjustment of tax prepayments and the smoothing of tax tips through the use of voting rights can lead to financial advantages.