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Tax audits are used to audit tax declarations and the bookkeeping and financial statements of taxpayers. In addition to the announced and comprehensive audits, there are unannounced audits in the form of i.e. the sales tax survey. The audit of payroll (payroll taxes and social security contributions) is also monitored by means of a tax audit. Experience shows that in addition to the objective of "tax justice", above all, additional revenue for the tax authorities is the main aim of tax audits.

To those companies whose financial accounting or payroll accounting we have taken over, we offer the possibility to carry out tax audits in our office. Thus, we are able to provide the financial officials with all data needed and can respond immediately to any questions that may arise.

Our services:

  • Transmission of documents and data requested by the audit
  • Assessment and answering of auditor questions during the audit
  • Participation in interim meetings and the final audit review