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Corporate reorganisation and restructuring

Corporate reorganisation and restructuring

Crises do not happen unforeseen. They evolve. Outdated strategies or business models often mean the loss of competitiveness. In the final stage of a crisis – when liquidity is most important problem – the lack of transparency becomes obvious. Then quick and consistent decisions have to be taken: competitiveness must be restored. The confidence of investors, employees, and business partners must be recovered.

The consequences of either a bankruptcy, a reorganised or transferred insolvency, a liquidation or the termination of a company have to be considered and checked as options that may apply.


  • Introduction of emergency measures
  • Open communication between creditors, shareholders, employees and management
  • Identifying the crisis’ cause(s)
  • Creation of restructuring or renovation advice
  • Creation of an excessive indebtedness status and continuation forecasts
  • Implementation of moratoriums and extrajudicial settlement negotiations
  • Assignment of experienced interim managers to support implementation
  • Implementation of the restructuring concept with pressure and will for change.