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Startup Consulting

Startup Consulting

Our startup consulting covers various service areas:

  • Business foundation consulting:
    Strategy, business model, marketing, product, target group, price, temporal sequence, calculation, business plan, liability, choice of legal form, financing, negotiations with the bank, funding applications, etc.
  • Tax formation consultation and registration with the tax office:
    Sales tax, income tax, invoicing, car use, contracts with relatives, industry-specific tax issues (such as cash transactions or building tax), accounting duties, etc.
  • Coordination and information on founding formalities:
    Registration with chambers, insurance, required permits, social security status, etc.
  • Taking over the financial accounting, payroll and preparation of the annual financial statements. 

Starting a business means creating an independent and income producing professional activity. An income sufficiently profitable – with earnings that will sustain the business’ own existence and the livelihood of one's family in the long run. A start-up also signifies a professional self-realisation.

The independence provides liberties and includes risks. We would like to encourage everyone considering the idea of a start-up to realize their project.

Pre-conditions for the entrepreneur-to-be are to enjoy being responsible for all activities, as well as some marketing and sales management talent. Since a main problem for most company founders is to find a sufficiently stable initial customer base, if the founder is able to convince customers and then meet their demands, he will likely be successful. The strategy (What do I do? What is my business? Why does the customer come to me and not to my competitors? Who are my competitors?) has to be the right one. Then you too can successfully master all operational issues of founding a company. 

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