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The takeover of an enterprise

The takeover of an enterpriseWe specialise in advising family-run, mid-market businesses, international groups and financial investors in acquiring target objects as well as in the strategic search for possible acquisition candidates.

After deciding on an acquisition, the buyer’s potential motives are to be transferred to a target system. Here, the identification of suitable acquisition goals in line with the strategy becomes increasingly important for the client. These goals can be: Improvement of the market position (including becoming market leader), the expansion of market shares, generating cost savings, expansion of sales channels as well as of the product and service range and the generation and utilisation of cross selling potentials.

According to our clients' requirements, the purchase process can be supported as follows:

  • Identification of the acquisition goal
  • Analysis of the target company and of a possible transaction’s background as well as conduct of an initial valuation
  • Identification of the decision-makers
  • Establishing contact
  • First detailed discussions and collection of information
  • Structuring of the transaction
  • Preparation and formulation of the offer
  • Implementation of the legal evaluation of the enterprise (due diligence) in collaboration with auditors and advisors
  • Contract negotiations
  • Conclusion of the transaction